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We’re a modern brewery with a passion for brewing the highest quality beers and alcoholic drinks that you have to try (more than once of course!).

Our small micro-brewery is based in the beautiful Cotswold village of Milton Under Wychwood. We use the latest, state-of-the-art equipment, custom manufactured to our own specifications and the latest technology on-site to brew both traditional and modern classics of the highest possible quality.

I know everyone says they “source the highest quality ingredients” but we really go out of our way to ensure that any goods coming in, or being used in our products are the best possible. We test ingredients both on arrival and before brewing for their overall quality and taste. We use our own specially sourced yeast strains, which are nurtured and cared for like they’re our own microscopic colleagues, helping us to brew.

FounderJamie Conroy

We're changing the world of brewingWHAT MATTERS TO US

What separates Virtue Brewing from the rest of the market is our key principles:

  1. Only sell the best possible products.
  2. Use the finest ingredients, with the best flavour; liberally.
  3. Do what we can to help the environment and save the planet.
  4. Break the gender stereotypes- It’s the 21st century!
  5. No animal-based products in our drinks.
  6. Perfect consistency between batches.
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