We don’t want to come across as trying to green-wash you, because it seems like everyone is doing it these days, and we’re the first to admit that we can’t be perfect, especially given our small size. There are, however, some things that we can do to help save the plant and protect the environment and we will always strive to do more, where we can.

We use environmentally safe chemicals.

In most breweries, harsh chemicals and acids are used in the cleaning process. They’re both toxic for the staff and for the environment, but they’re cheap and efficient at getting the job done.

In the Virtue brewery, we use environmentally safe chemicals like Enzybrew, which uses a type of enzyme to break down organic matter to clean and sanitise our equipment.

We offset the CO2 of our workforce.

We offset the entire carbon footprint of each member of the workforce. This isn’t just limited to travelling to and from the brewery or business travel, but we also cover their personal carbon footprint, like holidays, travel, food, hobbies and more. This is achieved by financing carbon-reducing projects around the world and planting more trees (of course).

We use recyclable kegs and send them CO2 neutral.

We don’t believe that driving around all day in diesel vans delivering and collecting kegs is the best thing for the environment, so we use carbon-neutral couriers to deliver or collect either recyclable or reusable kegs.