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Oxfordshire Brewery - Craft beer on tap

What is Virtue? It’s everything we stand for: a top-quality product, a unique story and the right attitude. It’s a way of doing business like no other.

We sell our beers directly to

  • Pubs- Leasehold, Freehold.
  • Bars, Nightclubs, Private member’s clubs.
  • Shops, Convenience Stores, Bottle/Can shops.
  • Restaurants, Takeaways.
  • The publc- Through our website.

We sell

  • 330ml Cans.
  • 20/30L Craft Keg (subject to availability).

If you’re interested in stocking our delicious, craft beers and drinks, please get in touch below and we’d be pleased to discuss your requirements.

If you’re not sure about how we can help then get in touch because we have options to suit everyone.

If you’re interested in stocking/serving our amazing range of beers, please get in touch!

Tel: 0330 223 6801